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Michael Woods
Executive Director

I joined the Navy back in August of 2000. I spent the next 13 years traveling all over the planet. I was stationed in Great Lakes, Jacksonville FL, London, Key West, Afghanistan, and Bahrain. I was fortunate to work closely with all four branches of service during my career. I decided to get out while I was still young and settle down near Chicago with my wife and 2 kids. We had everything planned out before I got my DD214. Life has a way of turning you every way but loose sometimes. We went through some really rough times both financially and emotionally. I founded A Warriors Mind because I wanted to make sure my brothers and sisters had a place to turn for help and camaraderie.

Cody Williams
Task Force Mississippi Actual

I grew up in Mississippi. I left for Paris Island a month before I turned 19 in 2004 to earn the title Marine. My first enlistment was spent in Jacksonville, NC at MCAS New River. After spending 4 years as a 6531 (Aviation Ordnance Technician), I left active duty. Less than 6 months after being a civilian again, I approached an Army recruiter to inquire about enlisting again. I enlisted in the Army in December 2008 to become a 25B (Information Technology Technician). I was about a year and a half into this second enlistment when I approached a doctor about irregular pain in my back. That pain led to a back surgery at 24 and medical retirement. I joined up with A Warrior's Mind to help other Veterans navigate through resources available to them. My goal is to prevent another Veteran from becoming a statistic.


Sonya Parker

My name is Sonya Parker. I am currently in serving in the world's greatest Navy as a MASTER-AT-ARMS. I've served 8 years so far and just signed on for at least 6 more. I am 29 years old and was born and raised in a lil town called Town Creek, Alabama. I've been to several isolated places all over the world with the Navy, but never the "sandbox" and I'm about to be stationed in Italy where I'm hoping to get a lot of travel done....that also means I'm going to be a long distance international helper with the team soon. I am currently stationed in Florida and dubbed Task Force Florida Actual.

I met the founder, Mike Woods, while stationed in Bahrain. He was always looking for something to start up that would help veterans in some way after he got out, so when he approached me and told me about A Warriors Mind I signed right up to help out where and when I could. I love helping people and this is a great organization for veterans in need and those that just might need some advice. It's also taught me a lot along the way and helped me grow as well. I might still be in the military, but when I do get out I'll be glad for an organization like this to help me adjust and be there for me.

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